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Antonios Stavropoulos


Biographical note

Antonis Stavropoulos was born in Athens in 1948. He found himself from an early age in an artistic environment, since he grew up in his parents' workshop which undertook orders for projects including among others theatrical costumes, props, masks, molds for faces and human bodies for theaters and films of that era.

After completing high school, he studied at the decoration department of the Fine Arts School of Athens (Doxiadis), where he came into contact with great masters such as Tassos, Kanelis, Mytaras, Georgiadis, Zoumpoulakis etc.

Alongside he established with one of his classmates an artistic workshop in Kolonaki, dealing with microsculpture and decoration fabric (stamped batik etc).

After finishing his studies, he entered in the Supreme School of Fine Arts University, with a recommendation letter of his teacher Mytaras, attending lessons from masters like G. Pappas, G. Moralis etc.

During his military service at the Greek Army’s Engineering School at Loutraki and together with other colleagues and former classmates, he establishes an artistic team dealing with painting of the small temple of the school, as well as with the creation of a museum and participation in theatrical events, having the help of the Municipality of Loutraki.

After completing his military service, he started working on a permanent basis with the M. Mainas company, engaged in designing and building a series of houses belonging to famous individuals. There, among other projects, he presents many color models (watercolors) and decorative painting ceilings, furniture etc. Many of them are included in the book “The Greek furniture and M.Mainas creations” , Adam publications. At the same time he begins cooperating with many famous architects and interior designers, such as the L Varangis company. Additionally, he performs works (paintings, ceilings, etc.) in various renowned shops and cafes. He is also working with Byzantine paintings in temples and monasteries such as the Church Rigilis St. Nicholas, the Monastery Daou Penteli and in the monasteries of Mount Athos.

Over the years, many of his works were made available to individuals. He continues with the same passion to deal with all the artistic styles and to experiment.