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Pavlos Samios

Biographical Note

Born in Athens in 1948.

Pavlos Samios studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts with professors N. Nikolaou and I. Moralis and is a professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts for Byzantine Traditional Painting.

After his studies in Athens, he moved to Paris in the seventies and developed there his artistic career. His career saw enormous growth and his style is often referred to as daring, dashing and passionate.

Samios has had numerous personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (New York, Boston, Paris, London, Beirut, and Nicosia). Most recently he exhibited his latest work, with the title “Femmes d’Athènes” (Women of Athens), at Gallerie Samy Kinge in Paris.

His art works are found in private collections, museums and cultural centers both in Greece and abroad.

A representational (descriptive) artist, Samios turns to the real, objective world to draw his subjects. Traditional Greek coffeehouses with billiard tables, card players, fishermen, chairs, etc. are a frequent source of inspiration for his paintings.

Samios’ work represents the Greek art which was established in the last decades of the 20th century. His works portray a symbolic and metaphysical vision even though they embrace aesthetic reality. He uses several painting techniques - fresco, tempera and oils - characteristic of different periods. The perspective in his art work is often reminiscent of Byzantine painting.