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Constantinos Parthenis
(1878 - 1967)

From "C. Parthenis: Wienn, Paris, Athens", by Prof. Chrysanthos Chrystou,
published by Foundation of Hellenic Culture, Athens 1995.

Parthenis was a pivotal figure in the development of 20th century art in Greece, introducing avant-garde ideas of colour and form to his students while a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (1929-1947). After completing his training in Vienna, where he came into contact with Symbolist art, and living for a few years in Paris, where he was influenced by the trends of innovative art movements, he came to Greece. In 1917 he founded the Omada Technis (”Art Group”) opening the way for a break with the academic teachings of the Munich Academy.

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Allegoric synthesis II
ink on paper
64 x 37 cm.