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Nikos Moschos

"Self – portrait"

I regard as significant the moment when the artist and the “literary part” of a work are born simultaneously and indissolubly, as an interaction. But there are also cases where the spark results from an idea, as you discover and investigate, in the various ways, the composition through which this idea will be modified and realized. And the reverse case too is valid, where the rhythms and the shapes meet, marry and strengthen a human-centered scene. In any event, in these cases, the evocativeness or persuasiveness of the work may be the same, but this depends on the result alone.

The strong signs of indifference and abandonment (badly restored building facades, half-finished public works, garbage, etc.) even though they give the feeling of disorder, push me to include them in my painterly syntax and to develop them into functional painterly motifs. They are the stage on which I am trying to present the soul of the city’s contemporary inhabitant.

My chromatic scale is derived from the grey and brown of dust, faded walls and asphalt. Through a daily process of action-reaction, the features of tension, insecurity, anxiety and fatigue are reflected on the flesh of my characters.