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Kostas Karnavas


Biographical Note

Born in Athens,Greece in1947. A gratuate of Hellenic Cinema and Theatre School Stavrakos, Athens, in Film- Directing and Stage Design, he undertook research of Art in Greek, British and German Museums. He is a member of the ‘Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece’ and lives and works in Athens.
About his work there have been published researches written by the Curator of the National Gallery of Greece in Athens, Angela Tamvaki, as well as by Art Historian Prof. Dimitris Deliyiannis, Art Historian Prof. of the University of Athens Athina Schina and studies by Prof. Gert Wolf, Heidelberg-Gerrmany, Art Critic Dora Heliopoulou, the Author Georgios Skourtis, Art Historians Yiannis Bolis, Evi Pallandiou and Kyriakos Valavanis and others. Also there have been published many articles in art-books and magazines.
His works exists in several museums and many private collections in Greece, Germany and the U.S.A. He has made 26 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 50 groupexhibitions.

Solo exhibitions

1972 Hellenic Cinema and Theatre School Stavrakos
1981 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting
1983 Melnikof Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany, Painting- Sculpture
1984 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting- Sculpture
1984 Gruner Panther Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany, Painting- Sculpture
1986 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting
1986 Zygos Gallery, Washington D.C.,USA, Painting
1987 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting- Sculpture
1990 Salles d’ Art Epipeda, Athens, Painting
1990 Cultural Centre of Moschato, Painting
1991 Cultural Centre of Palaio Phaliron, Painting- Sculpture
1991 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting-Sculpture
1992 Marcelos Tower, Isle of Aegina, Greece, Painting
1993 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting- Sculpture
1994 Panthea Gallery, Isle of Samos, Greece, Painting
1995 Cavo Tagoo Gallery, Isle of Myconos, Greece, Painting
1996 Galerie Zygos,Athens, painting
1997 Cultural Centre, Voula, Greece, Painting- Sculpture
1998 Gallery ‘ TRA DE ART’, Cologne, Germany, Painting
1999 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting- Sculpture
2000 Cultural Centre of Athens, Sculpture
2001 Cultural Centre of Holargos, Painting
2002 Galerie Zygos, Athens, Painting
2005 Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens, Sculpture
2006 Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens, Retrospective, Painting- Sculpture

Collective Exhibitions
1982 ‘Panorama’, Galerie Zygos
1983 ‘Young Artists in the Europian Union’, Odeon of Athens
1983 Artists presented in ‘Zygos Annual Edition, Vol. II, Hellenic Fine Arts Today’,Zygos Gallery, Washington D.C.,USA
1984 ‘Synopsis’, Galerie Zygos, Athens
1988 ‘Six Painters of Zygos Gallery’, several Universities of the USA organised by
Zygos Gallery, Washington,D.C.
1990 Summer Salon, Salles d’Art Epipieda, Athens
1990 Microshapes-Microforms, Salles d’Art Epipeda
1993 Summer Salon, Galerie Zygos, Athens
1994 ‘Folio ’93-’94’, Galerie Zygos, Athens
1994 'One Poem-Ten Artists’ View’, Galerie Zygos, Athens
1995 ‘Erotical Art by Three Artists’, Zygos Galerie, Athens
1996 Summer Salon, Salles d’Art Epipeda, Athens 1996 ‘40 Years Galerie Zygos’,
1997 ‘ On the Islands’, exhibitions on different Greek islands by Salles d’Art Epipeda 1996 ‘Five Greek Artists’, University of Minnesota, MN, USA
1997 ‘Greek Week’, Marriott Hotel Tyson’s Corner VA 1997 Ward Nasse Gallery, New York NY, USA 1997 Salles d’Art Epipeda, Isle of Andros, Greece
1998 Artists of Salles d’Art Epipeda in Ioannina, Larisa and on the Islands of Corfu and Myconos
1999 Ward Nasse Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2000 Galerie Sigma, Athens
2001 Galerie Sigma, Athens
2002 Galerie Zygos, Athens
2003 Galerie Zypos, Athens
2004 Galerie Zygos, Athens
2004 Galerie Iris, Athens
2004 Galerie Periplanisi, Athens
2004 ’Elaias Egomion’, Academy of Athens
2005 Foundation of Hellenic World, Athens 2009 Art Prisma Gallery, Athens
2009 Art Zone 42 Gallery ’ Optima’, Athens
2010 Technopolis, Athens, ’The Human Shape in Art’
2o10 Galerie Gloria, Nicosia, Cyprus