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Giorgos Golfinos

Biographical Note

Born in Corinth in 1948.

Giorgos Golfinos studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts under professor I. Moralis and studied set design at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Since 1999 he has been a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Salonica.

His works are distinguished by their strong colors and balanced composition. His art works may be characterized by different subject groups at various periods in his artistic development. In 1986 his paintings presented elements of nature and symbols of deterioration, interjecting natural materials such as roots, bones and leaves. In 1990 he turned to portrayal of aqueous (watery) elements. In 1991 he worked with environmental themes and in 1993 he returned to natural objects.

From his early expressionist paintings dealing with natural phenomena, his work has evolved to his more recent presentations of series of familiar objects, fruit and apparel combined with a unique synthetic ability and a rich use of vivid colors.

He has had numerous personal and group exhibitions in Greece (Athens, Salonica, Corinth and Patras) and abroad (Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, and Cyprus). Additionally, Golfinos has exhibited at the Annual Gallery Exhibition “ART ATHINA” and the Bienalle XIX in Alexandria, Egypt.

His art works belong to important private collections and museums in Greece and abroad.