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Stefanos Daskalakis

Biographical Note

Born in Piraeus in 1952.

Stefanos Daskalakis studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts at the G. Mavroidis atelier (1970-1974) and continued his studies in Lyon and in Paris (1978-1981). Daskalakis has had his works shown in personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (France, Belgium and Switzerland). His works have been acquired by the Athens National Gallery, the National Bank of Greece, the Frissiras Museum and the Kouvoutsakis Art Institute.

His paintings consist of still lifes, interior spaces and, most recently, human figures and portraiture. His still life compositions and sparsely furnished interiors show tables, chairs, canvases, flower pots, boxes, etc., items which depict all of the useful and useless articles of an atelier or a house in its everyday disordered fashion.

He reaches significant aesthetic results by combining austere, almost photographic design with warm sensitivity giving emphasis to earthly subjects and shadows. His careful synthetic ability is calculated to balance and hold in balance the variety of colors.

His work is considered one of the first examples of post modernism in Greece.

His most recent exhibitions include the “In Arte Veritas” exhibit at the Kydonieos Foundation on the island of Andros, the Benaki Museum “K.P. Kavafis” group exhibition and the “Ode to Mother” exhibition at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens.