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Georgios Kordis

Biographical Note

George Kordis was born in Makrirrachi, Fthiotidas and grew up in Athens. While studying Theology at the Department of Theology of the University of Athens, he also studied the technique of Byzantine iconography at the side of the Cypriot iconographer, Father Symeon Symeou. He continued his studies at the Theological School of "The Timios Stavros" in Boston (Master of Theology) and followed lessons in painting technique at "The School of Arts of The Museum of Boston" (1987-89).On returning to Athens he continued his studies in painting and engraving with his teacher Fotis Mastichiadis. He specialized in both the theology and the aesthetics of Byzantine painting. From 1991 he is a Doctor of Theology at the Theological Department of the University of Athens and from 1993 he is a lecturer at the University.

In painting, he creates within the limits of Byzantine artistic tradition. So, following the example of the worldly art of the Byzantines, he paints in the same way, using the teachings of the Byzantines, together with the acquirements of modern western art. His paintings and engravings have been shown in more than 21 individual exhibitions in Greece and abroad and also in many group exhibitions. His works are to be found in many public and private collections.

As an iconographer George Kordis tries to have a creative relationship with the wealth of Byzantine tradition and not simply to copy the old originals. In order to achieve this and avoid superfluity of tradition, he studied old originals and the way in which they were drawn, as well as the development of colour used by the Byzantines. His conclusions are published in the Greek language by ARMOS publications.

He has painted many portable icons, frescos in churches and holy places, both in Greece and abroad. The most important of which are:

  • Monastery of Doxiario at Agion Oros,
  • Monastery of Agion Anargyron Parnonos, in Lakonia,
  • Monastery of Analypseos in Boiotia,
  • Monastery of Mitros Igapimenou in Boiotia,
  • Monastery of St.John the Theologist in Souroti,
  • Monastery of Theoskepastis in Soho, Lagada,
  • St.George’s, Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Beirut, Lebanon,
  • The Church of Annunciation in Beirut, Lebanon,
  • The Church of St.Nektarios in Aretaieion Hospital.
Parallel to his theoretical occupation with Byzantine iconography and painting, George Kordis teaches the art of icons. He teaches at AKTO (Athenian School of Art), at the Cultural Centre EIKONOYRGIA and mainly at the Department of Theology at the University of Athens. He is also a visiting professor at the Institute of Sacred Music of Yale University, teaching the "Art of Icon Painting&. He has written many studies and articles about Byzantine painting and the theology of the icon and its aesthetics. He has also taken part in discussions, many conferences and seminars about the technique and the art of the icon.

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