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Bartholomew Papadantonakis


He was born in 1931, in Athens, Greece. He studied Graphic Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Professor Yiannis Kefallinos and graduated with honours. Research and experimentation in the new forms of expression and composition in Art mark his work. Besides Engraving, his work includes Painting and Sculpture. He is particularly interested in applying Art on Architecture, establishing this way a closer and more permanent relationship of the public with Art. Bartholomew Papadantonakis has also designed and executed the Commemorating Medal of Greece for its joining the European Union. He has exhibited his work in several solo exhibitions in Greece as well as abroad and has also participated in important international exhibitions. Antigonis & Danais str. N. Voutzas, 19009 Rafina - tel. +30 22940 78616, fax: +30 22940 79616