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Voula Moulou


Born in Kythera, in 1943. Studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts: Printmaking (studio of Kostas Grammatopoulos) 1962-68: Decoration, Advertisement and Stage Design (studio of Vasilis Vasiliadis). She has been a teacher of Fine Arts in the Primary and Elementary School Teachers' College in Greece (1970-92). In 1992 she participated as a special Advisor of the Pedagogical Institute, in the editing of a book on the educational methods and proccesses of Fine Arts in Elementary School. The book was published by the Greek National Organisation for Schoolbook Publications. She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and of the Greek Engravers Association. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece. She lives both in Athens and in Kythera. 21 Meliteon str. Athens 11851, tel +30 2103451871 - Potamo, Kythera 80200, mob: +30 6979774225