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Christodoulos Galdemis


Born in 1953 in Kostaniani, Dodoni. 1972-78: he studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under professor Nikos Nikolaou and Printmaking under Kostas Grammatopoulos. He is exclusively engaged in Painting and Printmaking. In 2002 he taught Printmaking in the department of Plastic Arts and Art Sciences of the University of loannina. He is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and a full member of the Greek Engravers Association, taking part in its activities. He has presented his work in 12 individual exhibitions and has participated in various group exhibitions. His work can also be found in the Averof Gallery in Metsovo, in the Stockholders' Foundation of the National Bank of Greece and in the collection of Ergasias Bank. 141 Militou str. Argiroupolis 164 51, Athens - tel. +30 210 9910916