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Loverdos Collection

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the Great High Priest

Michael Damaskenos,
second half of the 16th c.
110,5 x 69,5 cm.

Saint Luke painting
icon of the Virgin

Crete, early 17th c.
92 x 56,5 c.

The Adoration
of the Magi

Emmanuel Tzanes, 1667
85 x 60 cm.

The Holy Trinity,
the Descent into Hell,
and the Lamentation

Theodore Poulakis,
second half of the 17th c.
71x100 cm.

of the Divine Eucharist

Konstantinos Kontarinis,
first half of the 18th c.
39 x 87 cm.

All Saints
17th c.
64,5x53,2 cm.

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