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Konstantinos Mountzouris



Sociology, Journalism, at Universita di Urbino,
Mosaic at Ravenna’s C.F.P. Albe Steiner with Santo Sparta (1993).

“Art and techniques of mosaic”, Municipal Cultural Center of Chaidari (Dafni) 1997 - 2011 Centre for the Letters and the Arts “APOPSI” 1996 – 1997
Children courses C.I.S.I.M.(with V. Rabboni) – Ravenna (1992),

“Wheatears”, “Butterflies”, “Trees and leaves”, “Faces and masks”.
“Circle inspired from the prehistoric Cave Paintings”,
Pavements and opus musivum in private houses and public buildings,
Applications on ceramics, furniture, mirrors and other home objects,
Mosaics in Greek - Orthodox Churches,
Original replicas of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine pavement and mural mosaics, commissioned by the Greek Ministry of Culture,
“Holy Land’s Map” original replica floor mosaic (6th A.D.) Madaba – Jordan, (group work ), “Artistic direction of the Signiorinis “Studio il Mosaico” and cooperation in other commissions , Ravenna (1993),
La Fontana Centre Mosaic Fountain and the Mirabilandia Park entrance (40 m²) Artistic direction of Cooperativa Mosaicisti di Ravenna, (1992),
Personal and group exhibitions in Greece, Italy, Sweden and Finland.

Speech on the12th AIMC Congress in Athens, «Mosaictopia : Reflections on techniques and applications of contemporary mosaic», 2010.
« Modern mosaic between technique and invention - The school of Ravenna ». Thesis in History of Art, Universita di Urbino, 1996
« Nikopolis , roman and early christian mosaics ».
Tesina, C.F.P. Albe Steiner, 1993

Contact : E-mail : T 6944834981