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Andreas Schoinas

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A foreword on the work of Andreas Schoinas,
by photographer Platon Rivellis

A foreword on the art of the neighbourhood

With his camera, Andreas Schinas keeps a diary of his everyday routine. In some quarter of Piraeus or on an island in the Cyclades, he moulds his own reality and creates his own personal memories. In these, harsh and uncaring faces have no place - nor do loves and hates. Andreas collects together «his own people» and builds a neighbourhood with a tender smile - in the same way that he takes photographs: discreetly and daringly. He does not encroach upon personal moments or create photographic objects. His intervention is respectful and at the invitation of «his own people». With his photographs, Andreas Schinas has built a neighbourhood all of his own - one which perhaps has no real existence. Perhaps he has thought it up himself in order to piece it together. He has our thanks for persuading us to believe in it, because he has succeeded in making the setting down of a record synonymous with a dream.

Platon Rivellis